Technology Triple Trivia

Tech Trip Triv

November 29, 2016

  1. What specific issue will the European Court of Justice be uberthinking today?


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Answer:  Uber tried to convince the ECJ today that it is a digital platform, connecting drivers with customers, not a taxi service.  The distinction is an important one as transportation services are subject to stringent rules and regulations not applicable to digital applications.  The European Union generally supports e-commerce as a driving force behind a progressive economy.  Nonetheless, those providing transportation services are not ready to see Uber get off on a technicality.  More here.

2. Ready, Sweat, Go! — Or rest?


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Answer: exercising, heat, illness — all produce sweat.  Not just any sweat, but smart sweat.  Scientists are in the midst of developing a skin patch that detects health abnormalities in sweat.  Wearable biosensors provide a level of awareness and ease of use that make them especially useful in particular and unusual situations, such as traveling to remote areas or extreme sports.  Read the details here.

3.  For those who think it’s limited to Bitcoin and financial transactions, perhaps, think again?


Image result for images blocks in a row

Answer: blockchain technology is not limited to currency.  It is also used in other areas, such as food monitoring.  Wal Mart recently deployed the technology to enhance traceability of certain products it sells, from their origins to point of sale, in the hopes of reducing food-borne illnesses and unnecessary waste, among other things.  This means Wal Mart will know Jane Doe purchased a particular package of tainted pork at a particular location on a particular day and can alert her toute suite.  And Wal Mart won’t have to toss all the pork, only the bad stuff, which it will be able to quickly trace.  It is unfortunate Chipotle did not have access to this technology when its customers began dropping like flies a few months ago.  Read the story here.

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