NIH’s “All of Us” Beta Launch!

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After months of discussion and reports on the NIH‘s nation-wide genomic “All of Us”* research program, the ground-breaking beta testing phase has begun.  To make sure the project is efficient & effective, the process will move gradually.  The program’s purpose is to promote health research and medical discoveries, via genomic testing, enabling personalized early disease detection, treatment, and appropriate follow-up care — all tailored to individual requirements.

Specifics about the beta launch can be found here.  The main question for many is the following, along with the answer provided by the NIH:

“How can I sign up to be a beta tester for the All of Us Research Program?

Thank you for your interest! We’ve been so encouraged by all the enthusiasm we’ve seen from people who want to sign up.

At this time, enrollment in this research program is by invitation only as we work to bring more than 100 sites on board. We’re ramping up our beta testing phase in stages; our partner sites are launching at different times, with exact dates subject to change, and we have limits on how many volunteers we can enroll to start.

If you receive care at one of our participating health care provider organizations, you may be contacted about the opportunity to enroll as a beta tester. We also will be doing beta testing with “direct volunteers” (participants who don’t receive care from participating health centers but want to enroll in this research program) in certain communities around the country.

The vast majority of our participants will join after our national launch, once we’ve worked out more of the kinks. Please subscribe for our email updates at, and we’ll let you know when open enrollment begins and how you can sign up then.”

*Previously known as the “Personalized Medicine Initiative”

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