Moving Beyond Animals: a Seminar on Non-Animal Research Methods

Amy Shelton of Shamar Advisors and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine will be hosting an event focusing on non-animal research methods and human-relevant research techniques. Starting January 31, various expert speakers will present on the non-animal research methods used in their specific industry. Due to the advances in 3D and in vitro modeling, there have been great improvements in human disease modeling, drug development, toxicology testing and more. With the advancements, scientists are now integrating human-relevant methods into research to produce more reliable results. This is by using tissues-on-chips, 3D bioprinting, organoids as well as other in vitro and in silico models. 

Kicking off the seminar will be a discussion on moving beyond animals with microphysiological systems and 3D Bioprinting, with speakers from Nortis Bio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. Topics for the rest of the seminar include re-evaluating the use of animal research for  bioengineering, in vitro and silico toxicity testing, as well as neuroscience and infectious diseases. Each event will be held at the end of the month until April. 

The events are open to all audiences, you can register here

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