Marchant and Stevens to Speak at Biosecurity Workshop

Gary Marchant and Yvonne Stevens are set to speak at a biosecurity workshop in early December. The workshop, held Dec. 5th -6th,  aims to foster awareness and create a conversation about the ethical, moral and social implications of biotechnologies and the risk they could bring to the environment, as well as public safety.

Topics this workshop will cover include:

  • Emergence of synthetic viruses
  • DIY biology
  • International collaborations and disaster preparedness
  • The ethical standards in biotechnology
  • Future biological security

Discussions will be led by biosecurity practitioners, and will include Special Agents from the FBI headquarters and the FBI Phoenix weapons of Mass Destruction unit. Discussions will center around the ethical, legal and social implications of emerging biotechnologies and the importance of biosecurity. 2.0 CE points are available for attending the workshop, and there is no cost to participate.

RSVP here.

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