Bowman Discusses How The Valley Evolved Into The Nation’s Largest Smart Region

Diana Bowman discussed The Collective to AZBigMedia, as well as how the Valley became the nation’s largest smart region. The connective infrastructure means that data and technology are utilized in the most efficient capacity and capability to improve and enhance the quality of life as well as economic development, etc. 

Bowman discussed the need for a smart system transportation system that allows a system that doesn’t stop a municipal boundaries. 

She says, “When I wake up in the morning, wake up in the City of Phoenix. When I go to work at the Tempe campus, I cross a jurisdictional border. Most citizens in Greater Phoenix cross-jurisdictional boundaries every day — whether they know it or not. To have smart system transportation that only operates in Tempe or Phoenix (independent of one another) makes no sense. Having an intra-operable system allows a seamless flow of vehicles and people.”

Talking about The Collective, Bowman says, “The Connective is meant to identify what the challenges are from a regional vantage point. This is not about ASU having a research agenda and going out to deliver technology to the cities and region because we think that’s what needed. It’s about each participating city telling us what they need and The Connective finding the best solution to address that need.”  

Read more about Bowman’s work with The Collective, as well as how smart city technology is being applied to the Valley here

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