LSI Center Community Board Meeting Rewind

The annual LSI Community Board Meeting was last Thursday, March 5, where students, faculty and friends of the Center gathered to listen to various presentations discussing the research and projects that are pertinent to the science community. 

Yvonne Stevens discussed facial recognition technology, its uses, and the data security that comes with this updated identification system. In her presentation Stevens discussed that facial recognition can be used to identify suspects for law enforcement, retailers, social media, churches, casinos, etc. The possibilities for this technology is endless, with retailers discussing using this recognition to identify shoplifters and reactions to displays. But there are rising issues as well, Stevens mentioned that it could be unreliable and biased, bring in negative matches, and be used for decit. There is also little to none federal regulations for this technology as well. 

Brad Allenby presented on AI cognitive infrastructure, discussing the technology’s ability to process information, retain memory and much more. There are endless possibilities for uses for Artificial Intelligence, with problem solving, system integration, and much more on Allenby’s list of uses. Allenby also discussed the ecosystem of cognitive artificial intelligence, and how each section, data economy, institutional & services infrastructure and cognitive infrastructure, play into each ecosystem. 

 Also presenting, Kaylee Hoffner discussed the Soft Law Regulation of Artificial Intelligence. Working with Faculty Director Gary Marchant, Center Director Josh Abbott as well as Carlos Ignacio Gutierrez and Morgan Stevens, the team sought out to identify today’s soft AI law mechanism landscape. In their observations, they found that there were around 1400 soft law regulation documents/ mechanisms, and found 15 common themes identified and under review. These mechanisms identified were led by the government, private sector and non-profit participants. They also analyzed the mechanisms for enforceability and influence as well. Hoffner also identified the types of mechanisms found as well as the soft law themes. 

The Center for Law, Science and Innovation hosts many events and conferences, to keep up with our events follow our social media and blogs to see what’s next!

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