Our Graduating Students

Usually a time of celebration, we are saddened that we can not celebrate graduation with the amazing students who we have had the pleasure to get to know at The Center for Law Science and Innovation. We have had the honor to work with many of these students throughout their ASU Law career and want to recognize this achievement despite not being able to in person. 

Haley Augur 

Jennifer Carstens

Colleen Contreras

Michael Corrente

Alexander Guirguis

Andrew Hensley

Katelyn Hilde

Andy Himebaugh

Walter Johnson

Christina Jovanovic

Lila Mayson

Marisa McNally 

Oluwasegun Muse

Sarah Pook 

Elliot Reese

Rachel Richman 

Dallin Robinson

Morgan Stevens

Samuel Turner

Christopher Underwood

Ashley Violet Cheff

Daniel Weiss

William Welch

Benjamin Yeager 

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