Bowman Discusses How The Valley Evolved Into The Nation’s Largest Smart Region

Diana Bowman discussed The Collective to AZBigMedia, as well as how the Valley became the nation’s largest smart region. The connective infrastructure means that data and technology are utilized in the most efficient capacity and capability to improve and enhance the quality of life as well as economic development, etc.  Bowman discussed the need for […]

First Interest Group of 2020 Focused on Ethics in Human Gene Editing

Last week was the first installment of the Gene Editing Interest Group lunchtime talks. Speakers Timmy Lee, Adam Lunceford and Sara Selvaraj discussed ethics in human gene editing and the role that CRISPR is playing in the conversation. Recently CRISPR has been at the forefront of these discussions due to various cases worldwide of gene […]

Workshop on the Governance of AI through Soft Law

On January 10th, 2020 the Center for Law, Science and Innovation hosted a workshop in ASU’s Washington DC’s office with 30 representatives from academia, the private sector, and non-profits to discuss the relationship between soft law and artificial intelligence (AI). This activity was funded by a grant from the Charles Koch Foundation. The workshop’s objective […]

LSI Center Hosting AI & Healthcare and Human Gene Editing Interest Groups

The Center For Law Science and Innovation is hosting two new series of lunch CLE programs this spring, AI and Healthcare and Human Gene editing. Starting next week, participants who RVSP can attend these lunchtime meetings for CLE credit, with talks scheduled to start at the law school noon in room 550. RSVP here: AI […]

GETS Call For Abstracts

                                             Join us!                                    May 27 and 28, 2020 The Center for Law, Science and Innovation is currently […]

IPKat Names Patent Remedies and Complex Products the Best Patent Law Book of 2019

The teaching aid blog for Intellectual Property Law, IPKat has named the Patent Remedies and Complex Products the Best Patent Law Book of 2019, over 3 other books in the category. Through a collaboration of twenty legal scholars in eleven countries, Patent Remedies and Complex Products provides a consensus on the use of these remedies for products […]

Marchant Presents on Liability in Clinical Genomics at Columbia

Faculty Director Gary Marchant spoke at the Seminar on Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Genetics last month. He elaborated on the question “Can Liability Improve Clinical Genomics?”  One of the major roadblocks to the success of clinical genomics has been identified as the failure of healthcare providers to utilize genomics. Marchant’s presentation critically evaluated […]

Bowman quoted in Phoenix Business Journal on Smart Cities

Diana Bowman was recently quoted in a Phoenix Business Journal article about Smart Cities. The article, “Greater Phoenix Cities Lead the Way,” discusses the implementation of smart city technology and the challenges that could arise. Bowman is quoted discussing the aspects of the smart city evolution and how jurisdiction comes into play.  She offers some […]

Faculty Director Gary Marchant to speak on Clinical Genomics at Columbia

Gary Marchant will speak at the Columbia University Center for Science and Society mid-December discussing how liability could possibly improve clinical genomics. Marchant’s presentation will critically evaluate whether medical malpractice liability can improve the appropriate and accurate use of genomics by providers. Check out more about this presentation here.

Phase Two Report on Reducing Fuel Consumption Co-Authored by Marchant Released

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine released the final report on Reducing Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. This report was co-authored by Faculty Director Gary Marchant.  Medium and Heavy Duty trucks are a common way of transportation in every sector of the economy, and the report explores the […]