TGIF Funny Fix for October 21, 2016

fff-mmCourtesy of Max Mehlman, Case Western Reserve University, School of Law

Happy Friday All!

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“Snowden” Movie Review

LSI moviegoers recently went to see the movie SnowdenHere  is a review by LSI Executive Council member Arnie Calica and his wife Diana.  Enjoy!

Image result for images snowden movie

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Marchant Presentation on Gene Editing Regulation Available


LSI Faculty Director Gary Marchant discusses International Coordination of Gene Editing Regulation in Ottawa, Ontario, September 26, 2016.


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LSI Faculty Fellow Bowman on the Future ZIKA 11/9/2016

LSI Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Law, Diana Bowman, joins fellow ASU colleagues James Hodge Jr., and Andrew Maynard to discuss the future of Zika:



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Worldwide Web Watch

WWWOctober 19, 2016

“Do you have any questions for me/us?”  The classic question at the end of a nerve-racking, adrenaline-fueled job interview.  Surprisingly, the most common answer is “no.”  This is particularly shocking given the information that can be gathered online beforehand about a potential employer (law firm or company), its focus or products, the interviewer and a host of other particulars.  This is where “do your homework” becomes crucial — not just in an interview setting but prior to a meeting, conference or other professional event.   And it is not rocket science.  It today’s competitive environment it is necessary to stay ahead of and outshine the competition.  Legal recruiter Harrison Barnes, in Law Crossing‘s Daily Career Advice, offers his views on the importance of having questions and provides suggestions about what questions to ask.  A worthy read for any job-seeker in any field.

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Technology Triple Trivia

TTT133 Questions.  3 Hints. 3 Answers.

October 18, 2016

  1. Introvert or extrovert, how are we all destined to become open books?


Image result for images transparency

Answer: transparency is the wave of the future.  Invisible cameras, data-powered and digital open views to the past and present, AI-determined futures and safety in exchange for creepy are some reasons why opaqueness is doomed to be replaced with almost complete transparency.  Unfortunately, despite being given the impression that there are ways we can protect ourselves and that these ways will be revealed, the article falls short on suggestions.  Read it here.

2. Just like the tooth fairy, these organizations are bogus.


Image result for images publish for money

Answer: there is a predator in town in the form of open access “scientific” journals that are in the busine$$ of taking advantage of the pressure to publish in academia.  These types of publications also serve as a gateway for  misleading research and dubious “scientific researchers” to gain false credibility and undermine science.  Thankfully, there are organizations that have flagged these pseudo-scientific enterprises, providing information on questionable or downright untrustworthy sources.  Read the details here.

3. What is a quick way to serve a foreign defendant under the jurisdiction of a federal court?


Image result for image tweety bird tweet tweet

 Answer:  just Tweet via Twitter.  A federal court recently held that pursuant to case law and Rule 4(f) service is satisfied via the single social media platform.  Read more here.

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LSI Community Board Meeting — Fall 2016



LSI kicked off its first Community Board meeting of the 2016-17 academic year on October 17, 2016 in the new Beus Center for Law and Society.  Four presentations set the stage for group discussions: “Legal Analytics” (Gary Marchant, LSI Faculty Director), “Newborn Whole Genome Sequencing Screening Programs”  (Johnathon Webb, LSI Center Scholar), “Intellectual Property Issues Behind Wearable Medical Technologies” (Bridget Smith, LSI Research Fellow) and “The Principle of the Thing — When the Laws of War Apply to Cyber Attacks” (Andrew Gordon, attorney, Coppersmith Brockelman , Faculty Associate, ASU  SDOC College of Law).  Presentations and discussions were followed by an outdoor reception.  Photos below.


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Marchant Quoted in Digital Trends on AI


With regard to artificial intelligence (AI) here are two areas in particular that “require immediate attention” according to ASU Regents’ Professor of Law and LSI Faculty Director Gary E. Marchant: autonomous AI in the military and in vehicles.

Read the article and Marchant’s comments here.

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TGIF Funny Fix for October 14, 2016

onion-meatCLICK HERE

Courtesy of The Onion

Happy Friday All!

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LSI Scholarship Recipient Recognized at ASU Law Luncheon


LSI  Center Scholar Sophia Triche, JD Candidate 2018

Recipient of the 2016-17 LSI Scholarship

(pictured with LSI Faculty Fellow, Yvonne Stevens)


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